Experience Refreshing Vaping with IVG Menthol Range 50ml E-Liquid Shortfills

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If you are a fan of menthol-flavored e-liquids, then you are in luck because IVG has recently added a new range of menthol flavors to its already impressive lineup. IVG Menthol Range 50ml E-Liquid Shortfills come in various fruit and minty flavors, so you will surely find a flavor that suits your taste buds. This blog post will introduce you to this new line of e-liquids and show you why they are worth trying.

Variety of Menthol Flavors:

The IVG Menthol Range 50ml E-Liquid Shortfills come in a wide range of flavors that offer a refreshing and invigorating experience. IVG has blended fresh menthol with various fruit and berry flavors such as blueberry, blackcurrant, and honeydew melon to create an exciting lineup of flavors. So, whether you want to enjoy a sweet and cool vape or a sharp and tangy one, IVG's Menthol Range has covered you.

High PG/VG Ratio:

IVG Menthol Range e-liquids have a high VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol) ratio, perfect for sub-ohm vape devices. The high VG content also creates thicker and denser clouds, making vaping a more enjoyable experience. Additionally, the high PG content provides a stronger throat hit, similar to the sensation of smoking tobacco.

Affordable Prices:

IVG Menthol Range e-liquids are available in 50ml shortfills and offer fantastic value for money. These e-liquids are perfect for those who want to try out new flavors without breaking the bank.

Quality Ingredients:

IVG is known for using only the highest quality ingredients for its e-liquids. Their Menthol Range 50ml E-Liquid Shortfills are no exception; they are made using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility. These e-liquids are also TPD-compliant, ensuring they meet the highest safety and quality standards.

Easy to Use:

IVG's Menthol Range shortfills are effortless to use. Add nicotine shots (sold separately) to the 50ml shortfill bottle and shake well. The IVG Menthol Range is perfect for vapers who want to customize the nicotine levels of their e-liquids.


IVG Menthol Range 50ml E-Liquid Shortfills are perfect for vapers who enjoy menthol flavors and want a refreshing experience. With a high VG/PG ratio, quality ingredients, affordable prices, and various flavors, it's easy to see why these e-liquids are quickly becoming a favorite among vapers. Whether you prefer fruity or minty flavors, IVG's Menthol Range has something for everyone. Why not give them a try and experience the ultimate refreshing vaping experience today?

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