Randm DTL 9000 puffs 0.8 % -  £9.99

Randm DTL 9000 puffs 0.8 % - £9.99

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Fumot DTL 9000

Direct To Lung Vaping Device

Fumot  DTL 9000  is a rechargeable €œDirect To Lung €�   disposable vape. It can be charged via the Type-C port on the base.

Pre-filled with 18ml of e-liquid, It contains 0.8% nicotine. This vape provides up to 9,000 puffs (in a test environment) and offers a selection of 14 flavors for your enjoyment.

Up To 7500 Puffs

9000 Puffs

15ml bottle of E-juice

18 ML

Built-in 850 mAh Battery

850 MAH

Mesh Coil Technology

Mesh Coil

Type-C Port

Type-C Port

Mesh Coil Tech (0.6Ω)

We €™ve integrated cutting-edge Mesh Coil Technology into our disposable vape, featuring a low-resistance 0.6Ω coil. This advancement maximizes the heating surface area, resulting in smoother draws and richer vapor production. The Mesh Coil design ensures consistent and even heating of the e-liquid, delivering an impeccable flavor experience. Say goodbye to dry hits and uneven flavor distribution, and embrace the superior performance of our Mesh Coil disposable vape.

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